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Welcome to Naruto-kun, the website where we support all pairings/shippings where Naruto is seme! Check out our Links page for links to our affiliates, games, and videos! Look up the fanfiction page for well written stories! Stop by our fanart page! Go to the Naru/uke page for a list of pairings/shippings where Naruto is seme! And we update the news every week!

Site News

Thursday, July 31, Naruto-kun and it's opposite website have their very own club! To get a taste of both sites, please check out http://SemeNarutoUke-Club.DeviantART.com/ 

Sunday, July 27, Naruto-kun kicks off on its first day on the job! Please support us by sending in your submissions. Seeing as how we're not even a day old yet, this site has almost nothing. But if you help, this site will get better and better!

On another note, our site has an opposite! Yes, we do. Our opposite is Naru-chan, a website that supports all pairings/shippings where Naruto is uke! If you're interested, please check it out on our Links page! By the way, both websites are managed by the same person.

Submission Rules

  The rules for the art and fanfiction are simple.

Fanart and Fanfiction Rules

1) Has to include Naruto! Whether by himself or with another.
2) Can be either friendship or as lovers, whatever pairing/shipping it may be.
3) Any topic is allowed. [Ex.: AU, mpreg, crossover, OCs, OOC, etc.]
4) One submission a week per person.
5) When sending a fanfiction submission, please attach your email adress and link to the story as well.
6) When sending a fanfiction that is not yours, make sure you get permission from the author first.
7) A preview image is optional!

How to Submit

Fanfiction: Send us a link to your story, along with the name, the website it's located on, the pairing, genre, rated, and it's summary.

Art: Email it to us and tell us the title of your art. 

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